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Authors: Safi, Sana
Supervisor(s): Dr. Jeff Vallance, Athabasca University
Examining Committee: Dr. Lorraine Thirsk (Athabasca University)
Dr. Gina Wong (Athabasca University)
Dr. Nancy Spencer (University of Alberta)
Degree: Master of Nursing (MN)
Department: Faculty of Health Disciplines
Keywords: intellectual disabilities
Sedentary behaviours
The Soico-ecological model
The Critical Incident Technique
Qualitative study
In depth-interviews
Issue Date: 18-Jul-2022
Abstract: Sedentary behaviours among adults with intellectual disabilities have not been well studied in nursing and other disciplines. A sedentary lifestyle puts adults with and without disabilities at high risk of developing health conditions and diseases. Current literature revealed few empirical studies on the benefits of reducing sedentary behaviours with respect to the health of adults with intellectual disabilities. This study explored the factors that helped or hindered sedentary behaviours of adults with intellectual disabilities in the Canadian population. Guided by the socio-ecological model, a Critical Incident Technique was conducted and five adults with intellectual disabilities from the Province of Ontario were interviewed. Adults with intellectual disabilities identified personal and environmental related factors that led to increased sedentary behaviours; and revealed helpful factors and wish-lists of actions that decreased sedentary lifestyle. Findings may be useful when developing programs aimed to decrease prolonged periods of sedentary behaviours specific to this vulnerable population.
Graduation Date:  -1
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10791/389
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