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Prior to the submission of your thesis to DTheses, ensure that it meets the formatting requirements of your academic unit and Faculty of Graduate Studies and that it has b een approved by the FGS. Submitting your thesis to the Dtheses site is an easy process.  You must save your thesis in PDF format.   Make sure that you have also read all of the information About Submissions as well.

  1. Go to the DTheses site and click “Login” on the left-side menu and log in using the username and password provided.
  2. Click “Start a New Submission.”
    Start a submission

  4. Choose “Theses and Dissertations” from the drop-down menu and then click “Next.”
    Choose a collection

  6. Fill out all the fields on this page. You can click “Add More” to add additional committee members. All fields are required. Click “Next.”
    NOTE: Title should be capitalized properly as in the example below. Refer to the APA guide for more information.
    Fill out form

  8. Keywords and an abstract are both required fields. Additional keywords can be added using the “Add More” button. You can add as many keywords as you needed. Make sure you follow the guidelines as to abstract length. The abstract can be copied and pasted into the abstract box. Click “Next.”
    Add keywords and abstract

  10. Go to the browse button to upload your thesis or dissertation.   It will bring up a dialogue box that will allow you to navigate to, and select, your thesis or dissertation for upload.  Click “Next.”
    Browse for file

  12. Check to ensure you have the correct file. Click “Next.”
    Confirm file

  14. Verify all data. If there is a problem, you can click “Correct one of these” and it will take you back to that step. Otherwise, click “Next.”
    Verify data

  16. You will be presented with the copyright licence agreement. Once you have read it, click “I Grant the License.”
    Grant License

  18. Submission Complete! Congratulations on completing your thesis or dissertation.
    Subission Complete


If you have signed the Library and Archives Canada Exclusive License Form, your thesis/dissertation will be harvested by Library and Archives Canada for storage and accessibility with other theses and dissertations from across Canada.

The Registrar's Office has been automatically notified that you have fulfilled the final requirement of your degree by your submission of your thesis/dissertation.


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