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Title: How Sexual Minorities may use the Internet to Foster Resiliency
Authors: Hau, Phillip
Supervisor(s): Jerry, Paul (Faculty of Health Disciplines, Graduate Centre for Applied Psychology)
Examining Committee: Chang, Jeff (Faculty of Health Disciplines, Graduate Centre for Applied Psychology)
Cook, Karen (Faculty of Health Disciplines, Nursing)
Degree: Master of Counselling
Department: Faculty of Health Disciplines
Keywords: Sexual Minorities
Positive Psychology
Strength-based Research
Issue Date: 12-Feb-2018
Abstract: Sexual minorities’ strengths, skills, and resources are often overlooked within the dominant social discourse. While this community may experience individual and systemic barriers, they also possess many positive attributes to overcome adverse situations. This study followed the lived experiences of seven gay, White, cis-gender men between the ages 18-29 to learn how they demonstrated resiliency on the Internet. I used Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis as a research method to analyze the lived experiences. Participants disclosed the importance of finding their community online. Participants spoke to the importance of having their experience validated by their peers. I also explored with the participants what makes the Internet an appropriate medium to foster resiliency. While many positive themes were disclosed, some negative attributes of using the Internet were also examined. This study provides evidence for the mental health profession on the importance of being culturally-informed and to validate people’s lived experiences.
Graduation Date: Jun-2018
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10791/246
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